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    old through compelling lives of five courageous Haitian women workers, Poto Mitan gives the global economy a human face. Each woman’s personal story explains neoliberal globalization, how it is gendered, and how it impacts Haiti: inhumane working/living conditions, violence, poverty, lack of education, and poor health care. While Poto Mitan offers in-depth understanding of Haiti, its focus on women’s subjugation, worker exploitation, poverty, and resistance demonstrates these are global struggles. Finally, through their collective activism, these women demonstrate that despite monumental obstacles in a poor country like Haiti, collective action makes change possible.

    更改国外ip软件 details dual struggles as a woman and worker: she toils under miserable conditions to give her children the education she was denied because of gender discrimination and the high cost of school. Living and braving death in Cité Soleil, Solange details how Haiti’s current violence stems from a long-brewing economic crisis and how the global apparel industry’s inherent instability affects Haiti. Frustrated with male-dominated unions, Frisline offers a gender and class analysis of Haiti’s contemporary situation, including Haiti’s 2008 food crisis. Working for thirty years, Thérèse brings wisdom, a historical perspective, and a comparative analysis. Pushed off her land by foreign agricultural policies, activist Hélène leads a new grassroots campaign against violence, encouraging women to defend themselves. These five brave women demonstrate that despite monumental obstacles in a poor country like Haiti, collective action makes change possible.

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    Throughout the film, the women’s stories are woven together by close-upshots of a mother’s hands braiding her daughter’s hair, while acclaimednovelist Edwidge Danticat narrates a “krik krak”, traditional folklore.This poetic story demonstrates Haitian women’s historical depth of struggleand resistance, while providing an homage to Haiti’s oral storytellingculture. The krik-krak grows and weaves with the film, until finally thetwo resolve together, with hope and resilience. In addition to these beautiful spoken words, Poto Mitan showcases a range of contemporary Haitian music by Emeline Michel, Boukman Eksperyans, Brothers Posse, Manze Dayila and the Nago Nation, and Awozam, along with empowerment songs by the women in the film.

    Poto Mitan’s unique quality rests upon the women’s acute understanding of the power of film. Citing the Haitian proverb, “hearing and seeing are two different things”, the women implored Dr. Schuller to share their storieswith people in the U.S., people who have the power to make change.

    Poto Mitan will be a tool for education and empowerment; to inspire peopleto think critically, look behind the label, and get involved. We areconnected: U.S. consumers buy the fruits of their labor; our governmentshapes Haiti through development/foreign policy. Our struggles have acommon thread. Fighting for justice: women, workers, or Haiti can’t helpbut bring about our own liberation.

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